As part of the Unified Community Platform project, your wiki has been migrated to the new platform. Read more here. The M24 is a military and LE version of the Remington hunting rifle.

It is the most accurate rifle in the game within its effective range of m using the attached mil-dot scope. Similar to the SVD 's range-finding reticle, although less intuitive, the mil-dots in the M24's scope can be used to estimate your distance from a target. This allows you to zero the rifle with little difficulty. The scope is not compatible with Night Vision Goggles. Apart from optics, the M24 is very similar to the CZand is the Military-spawn equivalent.

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m24 gun

Support Contact PRO. General MilitaryBarracks.It had modern torsion bar suspensions, completely revised welded steel armor, improved protection and, more importantly, a much more potent lightweight 75 mm 2.

Although late in the game just in time for the Battle of the Bulge, winterthe Chaffee was so successful, being efficient, simple, reliable and rugged, that that it was largely exported after the war and stayed in service with many armies until the s and beyond, encompassing most of the Cold War.

The M3 and M5 Stuart series of US built light tanks were neither properly armed or armored for survival on the post battlefield. There was a need for an up-gunned fast light tank with increased protection to meet the needs of an armored reconnaissance unit. These tanks needed to go ahead of the main armored thrust to scout out the location of enemy units, report their location, call down an artillery barrage or air attack and leave without engaging heavily armed enemy tanks if at all possible.

They were not meant to take part in tank on tank combat. They had to rely on their speed and maneuverability to get them out of trouble. The idea of having a more powerful light tank to replace the M2A4 and M3 designs had been considered as early as autumn A few months later, in Januarythis need was translated into a definite requirement which stated that the tank should be a tonner, with a low silhouette, armor of 38 mm 1.

m24 gun

Two pilot models were designed at the Rock Island Arsenal. The first, designated the T7, was to have a welded hull, a cast turret and modified vertical volute suspension. In fact the T7El was never completed because riveted armor went out of favor, but the chassis was still used for transmission and suspension trials, powered by the Continental engine.

Following on from the building of a wooden mock-up of the T7, Rock Island Arsenal were asked to construct three more prototypes, designated the T7E2, T7E3 and T7E4, to test different armor, engine and transmission configurations. Of these, the T7E2 showed the most potential — it had a cast hull, top and turret and a Wright R engine. The design was approved in Decemberbut while the pilot model was being built it was decided to up-gun it to 57 mm 2.

This gun, an adaptation of the British 6-pdr, was to be fitted to the Canadian-built Ram tankso a Ram turret ring was incorporated and the tank completed in June The Armored Forces later asked if it could be modified to take a 75 mm 2. The other major change during development was an increase in the armor thickness to 63 mm 2. It was therefore reclassified as the Medium Tank M7 in August and standardized. An order for vehicles was placed with the International Harvester Co.

Meanwhile, the pilot model had been further tested at the Armored Force HQ at Fort Knox, who found that it was grossly underpowered. Its combat weight with crew and full battle stowage was now 29 tons, so work on a re-engined model, the M7E1 begun. While this saga was taking place, the Sherman M4 medium tank had gone into full production as the standard medium and the Ordnance Board rightly queried with the Armored Forces if they needed the M7 as well.

The Armored Forces saw the wisdom of this and production was halted after only a handful of M7s had been produced. The M7 was thus never used by the US Army. M24 light tanks of the 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, nd Cavalry Group taking part in the victory parade in Prague, Czechoslovakia, July The Allied stars on the front were only painted on after the war for the parade. Cadillac went ahead with a pilot model, designated the T This used twin Cadillac liquid-cooled engines and hydramatic suspension of the M5.

It mounted a lightweight M5 75 mm 2. It had a concentric recoil which thus saved space in the turret and was not as heavy as the normal M3 75 mm 2. A weight limit of 18 tons was set as the ideal target for this tank, which meant that the maximum thickness of armor would only be 25 mm 0.The Zastava M is a bolt-action rifle that was first produced in for the Yugoslavian military. Made by reworking the prewar Serbian Model 24 Mauser, this rifle was built with a hardwood stock, carbine-length barrel, straight bolt handle, and bayonet.

The M also featured open iron sights and was chambered in 7. The blued steel of the barrel and frame is complimented by a well oiled European walnut stock.

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M24 Chaffee

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Shorter version - aces all around. Thanks guys! Read Less Read less about review stating Cured my skepticism I'll certainly be purchasing from Guns.By Melvin Ewing April 3, This is a review I have been wanting to do for a while. As many of you know, I carried a M24 SWS for a number of years while operating as a sniper in the s, so it is a rifle that is near and dear to my heart. But as we all know, our memories of times past are some times better than perhaps the reality actually was.

Several years ago as the US Army began migrating some of the M24s to the M platform, Remington began to take some of those old worn out M24 rifles and refurbish them. Priority as to who could purchase these rifles started with current active duty snipers and then went down through several layers of priority.

The one we are reviewing here came to us from a friend of Sniper Central who has graciously let us put it through a full review. The question that we wanted to answer was whether the M24 was really as good as we remembered it being, or was it just nostalgic?

The Collector Edition M24s arrive in a standard, albeit larger than normal, Remington cardboard rifle box without any extra documentation. This is because Remington went to the effort to leave the original stocks just exactly as they came back from the troops in the field when it was turned in. So the stock likely is painted in some oddball and random scheme that the sniper wanted it in.

For this particular test rifle it was a pretty tame desert tan color that had been worn and marked in several places. When you look at the rest of the rifle though, it does have the appearance of a new rifle.

m24 gun

As is our normal procedure for rifle reviews, we start at the rear of the rifle and work our way forward. The buttplate on the M24 is adjustable via a unique turn knob system that HS Precision developed way back in the s for the M Well, honestly, it may not have been specifically FOR the M24, but that was the first big use of it.

The buttplate itself is thin and hard with little to no padding to help absorb recoil. The rotating knob has a locking ring as well and that needs to be loosened to allow the large knob to rotate and extend, or retract, the buttplate to adjust the length of pull.

It works well enough, but the lock rings never really have locked the knob very well and they tend to work their way loose, so be sure to check it routinely. The full range of adjustment covers about 2. This is a large spectrum of length of pull and should fit just about anyone. The cheekpiece on the stock is not adjustable and has a straight comb.

If the scope is kept mounted low, like the M24 SWS attempts to do with the Leupold Mk4 10x40mm scope, then it is almost tall enough to align your eye with the scope. But for a majority of shooters, a slight cheek rise is needed to get a good cheekweld with proper eye alignment. Eagle or TacOps strap on cheekpads are a common addition and were included on later rifles.

Usually some mole skin was then stuck onto the tape so your slick face-paint covered cheek would not slide around as much. Today… just buy a strap on cheekpad. The pistol grip has the notorious HS Precision palm swell, which some people love and some hate.The M24 is referred to as a "weapon system" because it consists of not only a rifle, but also a detachable telescopic sight and other accessories.

The M24 SWS has the "long action" bolt version of the Remington receiver but is chambered for the 7.

Light Tank M24 Chaffee

The "long action" allows the rifle to be re-configured for dimensionally larger cartridges up to 3. The first number is the scope's magnification 10 and the second number in millimeters 40mm is the diameter of the objective lens.

A fixed power scope has only one magnification e. However, the Army still continued to acquire M24s from Remington until February and upgraded to the A2 and M24E1 standard in many cases, continuing to serve. Detachable emergency Redfield-Palma International back-up iron sightsthey are attached to iron sight bases that are screwed into drilled and tapped holes machined into the front of the barrel and back on the left side of the receiver.

In when Remington had the second contract to the U. These changes included two piece Leupold Mark 4 scope ring bases instead of the one piece on the first series rifles, and a switch from Redfield-Palma International iron sights to another manufacturer OK Weber.

Redfield was out of business by then, necessitating a change. Barrel : Made of R stainless steel. The bore twist is 1-turn-in This results in less bullet deformation, which at least in theory produces more consistent point of impact.

🏅R700 5R to 1,100yds/ .308Win: Practical Accuracy (Remington M40 M24 sniper base + SWFA 10x42)

This results in less barrel fouling, and more consistent point of impact, compared to conventional rifling when relatively high numbers of rounds are fired between cleaning, as might be expected in military applications.

The stock secures the action via an aluminum bedding block to keep it rigid. The barrel is free floating. A twin-strut extension that pulls out of the butt allows a 2-inch [ This is effected by a thick wheel on a central grooved pillar for adjusting the length and a thin locking ring behind it locks the thick wheel in place. The stock is primarily made from a polymer foam reinforced with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar to reduce weight and then painted with a heavy duty polane paint.

They were rigorously tested before being approved by Remington and the military. The average mean radius shall be less than or equal to the values stated below. The minimum rate of fire for conducting this test shall be three rounds per minute.

AMR averages the MR of several shot groups. The radial distance from the calculated center of impact of the first target compared to the calculated center of impacts of the subsequent targets shall be less or equal to 1.

The actual rifle requirements for accuracy were. He stated, "Interesting side note was there was a 10, round requirement for the barrel to maintain the original accuracy. In fact after some 10, round tests we discovered the accuracy improved. A few barrels were tested past 20, and accuracy never went below the original accuracy requirement. Information published on acceptance tests regarding five MK MOD 0 cartridge production lots indicated a sub 2. This equates to a sub 0. An experimental variant re-chambered for the.

It was not adopted by the US Army due to concerns that operatives in the field would not be able to acquire the special ammo.Tanks portal. Chaffee Jr. M24s were mostly removed from U. British combat experience in the North African campaign identified several shortcomings of the M3 Stuart light tank, especially the performance of its 37 mm cannon.

The T7 light tank design, which was initially seen as a replacement, grew in weight to more than 25 short tons taking it out of the light tank classification, and so was designated as the Medium Tank M7. The weight increase without increased power gave it unsatisfactory performance; the program was stopped in March to allow standardization on a single medium tank — the M4 medium. The powerplant and transmission of the M5 were used together with some aspects of the T7.

The armor was extremely light and was sloped to maximize effectiveness. The turret was 25 mm thick with a 38 mm thick gun mantlet.

Side hull armor thickness varied: the frontal section was 25 mm thick but the rear third of the armor which covered the engine compartment was only 19 mm. The gun had the same ballistics as the 75 mm M3 in use by American tanks but used a thinly walled barrel and different recoil mechanism.

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The torsion bar system was to give a smoother ride than the vertical volute suspension used on most US armored vehicles. At the same time, the chassis was expected to be a standard used for other vehicles, such as self-propelled guns, and specialist vehicles; known together as the "Light Combat Team".

On October 15,the first pilot vehicle was delivered. The design was judged a success and a contract for 1, was immediately raised by the Ordnance Department. This was subsequently increased to 5, By the time production was stopped in August4, M24s had been produced. The M24 Chaffee was intended to replace the ageing and obsolete Light Tank M5 Stuartwhich was used in supplementary roles. The first thirty-four M24s reached Europe in November and were issued to the U.

During the Battle of the Bulge in Decemberthese units and their new tanks were rushed to the southern sector; two of the M24s were detached to serve with the th Tank Battalion of the U. First Army.

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The M24 started to enter widespread use in Decemberbut they were slow in reaching the front-line combat units. Some armored divisions did not receive their first M24s until the war was over.

These saw action mainly in northwestern Europe and the North German Plain where British forces saw action against German troops. Reports from the armored divisions that received them prior to the end of hostilities were generally positive. The M24 was inferior to German tanks, but the bigger gun at least gave its crews a much better chance to fight back when it was required, especially in infantry support.

The M24's light armor made it vulnerable to virtually all German tanks, anti-tank guns, and hand-held anti-tank weapons. The contribution of the M24 to winning the war in Europe was insignificant, as too few arrived too late to replace the worn-out M5s of the armored divisions.

When the US began its occupation of Japan that same year, it deployed a large number of light Chaffees instead of bigger Shermans and heavier Pershings due to the narrower roads and smaller weightloads of bridges in the country.

During the opening stages of the Korean War, M24s were the initial U. The occupation troops in Japan from which the Chaffee tanks were drawn were inexperienced and under-equipped due to rapid demobilization after World War II.

One other reason for sending Chaffees to Korea initially was also partly because US officers did not regard Korea as a country where large-scale tank warfare could occur much of the Korean peninsula is largely mountainous and hilly and therefore sent lighter armored vehicles to combat the invading North Korean forces.

The M24 fared poorly against the invading army's better-armed, better-armored and better-crewed medium tanks, losing most of their number while inflicting only minor damage on the T tank units. Managing a fighting withdrawal, they ended up as infantry-support artillery in the Pusan Perimeterand in August reinforcements from the US and the Commonwealth brought heavier tanks that were a match for the Ts, not to mention superior infantry anti-tank armaments and overwhelming air support against North Korean armor.

m24 For Sale

M24s were more successful later in the war in their reconnaissance role and supported by heavier and more capable tanks such as the M4 ShermanM26 Pershing and M46 Pattonalong with British ChurchillComet and Centurion tanks.

Like other successful World War II designs, the M24 was supplied to many armies around the globe and was used in local conflicts long after it had been replaced in the U. Army by the M41 Walker Bulldog. France employed its M24s in Indo-China in infantry support missions, with good results.

In Decemberten disassembled Chaffees were transported by air to provide fire support to the garrison.

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They fired about 15, shells in the long siege that followed before the Viet Minh forces finally overcame the camp in Mayalmost all being entirely worn out and badly damaged by the time the battle was over.It was developed in the s to replace the Springfield Armory M21, and was first fielded in The M24 was effectively the Army's first weapon developed specially for sniping.

It is designated as a "weapon system" rather than simply a weapon, because a detachable telescopic sight and a variety of tools and accessories are issued along with it as part of a single package. It is also employed by the US Air Fore. The M24 is a bolt action rifle, feeding from a detachable box magazine holdingc either 5 or 10 rounds, depending on the model. Iron sights are fitted as well, as backup for the scope.

T he M24 is chambered for the 7. It is able to fire machine gun grade ammunition, but this practice is usually avoided, as the lackluster quality of these rounds results in poor accuracy.

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The "long action" design of the M24 also allows it to be reconfigured to fire larger rounds, and variants chambered in. The effective range of the M24 is m, though shots have successfully been made at beyond 1 m. As with its accuracy, the range of the M24 also varies slightly with the ammunition used. From a machine rest, the accuracy can be as low as. The M24's barrel is made of R Stainless Steel. Its rifling is highly unusual in having 5 grooves, rather than a more common even number.

The logic behind this decision is that with no grooves or lands directly across from one another, deformation of the bullet is greatly reduced, theoretically resulting in greater accuracy. The actual accuracy of the M24 varies with the type of ammunition used, but is close to 1 MOA with match-grade ammunition at most distances. Though designed to maintain accuracy up to 10 rounds fired, the barrel reportedly demonstrates increasing accuracy up to that mark, which is retained even after 20 rounds are fired.

The cheekpiece is fixed, while the buttplate is extendable up to 2 inches. The standard container for the complete weapon is the M Weapon Container for Airborne Operations. Over 15 M24s were manufactured. Some law enforcement organizations also operate M24s. It is not offered for sale to civilians, but several companies manufacture similar or even nearly identical rifles for the civilian market. Remington Modela c ivilian hunting rifle, and the parent design of the M There are tactical versions of this weapon similar to the M24, which are also used by numerous police and military organizations around the world.

M24 is an o riginal production model adopted by the US armed forces. It is chambered in 7. XM24A1 is a c ancelled variant re-chambered in. M24A2 is an i mproved M24 with many new features and accessories. There is also a.

M24A3 is a l ong range version, re-chambered in. M ESR is a radically reconfigured M24, with a wide range of optional features. The M40 series is another notable range of sniper rifles derived from the Modelbut they are otherwise unrelated.

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