He loves playing with a toy, going for a good walk, and chilling out with his family. He is the perfect blend of smart, loyal and goofy.

blue heeler rescue louisiana

In that time, he was part of doggie play groups so he does well playing with other canine friends. He also was trained by a lead volunteer for several months so knows sit, stay, heel, wait, and come and walks great on a leash. He is neutered, fully house and crate trained, is up to date on his vaccines, does chase cats, and can jump a six-foot fence if left alone.

blue heeler rescue louisiana

The current owner is open to telling you more about Leon and his fun personality if you would like to have a conversation. If you are interested in Leon, please reach out to the contact below: Yvonne Leach at yvonneleach hotmail. For more information on this dog, please contact the owner directly. We live in Puerto Rico and are expecting a child.

We love her but she tends to nip and is very high energy; she would LOVE to be a herding cattle dog on a ranch. She is super sweet, submissive and trained basic commands.

We have two cattle dogs, one is mellow and does not nip - we find they do better apart. We really want to find a perfect home to fit her needs and personality. She is fully vaccinated, weighs 36 pounds, female, 1. We live in Puerto Rico but we can ship her if she has a perfect home.

We ask for dollar rehoming fee to help cover the shipping which will cost We don't want to re-home her in Puerto rico Thank you so much, Tia Burgos. Monty does have some fear aggression issues including a bite history in his last two homes.

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We are currently working with a behaviorist and more than happy to discuss his history further with potential adopters. Monty is nervous around new people but does well when introduced slowly and properly.

He should not go to a home with young children due to his history. Our behaviorist recommends a low traffic home with people who are patient and willing to continue Monty's training.

He has made best friends with several of the other dogs we have at our facility so we believe that if introduced correctly he could easily go to a home with another dog; however, he does resource guard food and toys when other dogs are around. There is no re-homing fee for the perfect adopter and Monty will come with any remaining food, his toys, crate, leashes and harness, and anything else we have for him. We require a meet and greet for any potential adopters as well as a home inspection and two week trial to ensure a successful adoption.

We are located in Albany, Oregon Albany Pet Hotel and can be contacted at or nataliebaph gmail.

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Hasn't had much interaction with cats. He's a lover. She's located She's located in Redmond Washington. Charlotte is a sweet girl even though her life thus far hasn't been easy. The vet thinks she's between 2 years and 3 years old and is underweight at 50lbs. She's easy going, loves people and other dogs.Catahoulas were created to track and drive feral hogs and cattle when it was time to butcher them, and not surprisingly they are aggressively resolute in their work.

The Catahoula is a unique dog with a fascinating heritage and strong working ability.

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It is not suited for life with every family, but when you make a commitment to one and form a bond with him, you have a steadfast protector and companion for life. This tough yet strikingly beautiful dog can have a spotted, brindle, solid, or patched coat of many colors.

Other outstanding physical characteristics are his webbed feet, which allow him to swim well and work in soft, marshy areas, and his eyes, which may be blue, green, brown, or amber. Befitting their heritage as herding and driving dogs, Catahoulas are wary of strangers.

Expect to provide this hard-working and independent dog with strenuous exercise daily as well as firm guidance during training. When their exercise and leadership needs are met, Catahoulas are loving, calm, and dedicated companions. Physical Energetic dogs who need at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily Shed lightly to moderately year-round. They require weekly brushing to remove dead hair and keep their coat shiny Catahoula puppies need tough, durable toys.

The ideal home for a Catahoula is one with a fenced yard and opportunities for the dog to perform its natural work of tracking and herding. Behavior Catahoulas should never be walked off leash as they are wary of strange dogs Highly intelligent and need firm, patient, consistent training Needs early and frequent socialization, especially if you want him to be friendly toward other animals Not recommended for a timid or first-time owner.

This breed needs a confident trainer who is consistent and firm but also loving. If properly socialized they can do well with other dogs however some may need to live in a single animal home Catahoulas are alert watchdogs and wary of strangers. Load More Follow on Instagram.Young mixed Staffordshire Bull Terrier gray and white.

Needs home immediately. Has been abandoned by his owners. Stella is a female English Bulldog who was born in January She is up to date on her shots and is spayed. Meet Chance! He is a one year old mixed breed male, who was found as a stray on the side of the road. He is gentle. Genie's owner died.

Giving Australian Cattle Dogs a Second Chance

Meet Frankie! He is a Yorkie mix that came to us from a shelter. I live out in the country. I believe he was dropped off on my street or wandered here. Friendly with me and goes on. Rebel was rescued in the woods, and adopted by my brother. Jax is a cute brindle male boxer.

He was born in August of Jax has been neutered and is up to date on his. We try to keep in separated from our 12 year old Boston because he seemed to have food aggressions. Back in Dec. Tank is the 3rd dog of the cruelty case for abandonment. He is puppy like with his play and personality.

He did. Red nose pit bull.

Border Collie/Blue Heeler Puppies

Loves attention, being petted. Very obedient. She has had very good care. Had litters in past. Meet Moe! Moe and his friends were left behind when their owners moved away. How long they were alone in the house.God Bless the Veteran's that paid the ultimate price for us Americans I am an older guy at 13 years old. I cannot see but I am still a very happy boy. I love to be outside. I get a big grin on my face when I get to go for a walk and I love to roll around in the grass.

I like attention and I am really sweet to everyone I meet. Humane Society of Cowlitz County is open today Thursday from pm. This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

Please contact them at if you are interested in any of these dogs. Courtesy Post: This beautiful 9yo blue heeler needs a new home.

blue heeler rescue louisiana

He has cataracts and has trouble seeing and keeps falling in the family pool. They are scared he will drown. Please call to inquire. Waylon Male Cattle Dog 35lbs years Good with other dogs. Up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, on flea and tick prevention, just finished heartworm treatment and on prevention.

Just pulled these two angels yesterday. Donate, share, or like please y'all.

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Also contact us if you are intrested in adopting. Thanks everyone so much!! We are not yet a cbut we help rescue as many as possible but without you support it's hard because we pay for all medical, foodtransport, rescue fee's ect out of our on pocket. We just save 2 heartworm positive young Freedom and love feels so niceee. Red female was owner surrender w all her puppies.

Thank God we tagged Blue male on Friday!! These two angels def deserve a second chance at a great life!!!! We are self funded, not c3 yet, so if you would like to help by donating to their vet care that would be more than appricated.Donations help us rescue ACDs from shelters where they are facing euthanasia, transport them to foster homes, care for their medical needs, and find them loving homes. Every year, thousands of Australian Cattle Dogs find themselves homeless through no fault of their own.

Healthy, adoptable dogs face euthanasia in shelters. During the time in foster care, our volunteers determine what kind of forever home will be the right one for each dog. If you and the family are spending time at home, here's a great activity that will be fun for everyone: stitching toys for ACDRA foster dogs! It's fun and easy. Click the button below to learn more. Click on any photo to learn more about that dog and click through to the dog's info page.

We know it can be hard to find a place to move with your best friend. Click here to search for housing that will welcome your pets. About ACDs. Available Dogs.

Ways to Help. About Us. Help us save ACDs in need. Donate Now. And then we find that home — regardless of how long it takes! Ryder -- NC. Chip -- OH. Charm -- KY. Hank -- PA. Pippi -- WV.

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Join us.The Australian Cattle Dog is of moderate build, enabling this breed to combine great endurance with bursts of speed and extreme agility necessary in herding cattle. This dog is sturdy and compact, slightly longer than it is tall. The weather-resistant coat consists of a short, dense undercoat and moderately short, straight outer coat of medium texture.

In the early s, vast land areas in Australia became available for grazing cattle. The cattle raised on these lands became so wild and intractable that the traditional European herding breeds that had proved satisfactory on tamer cattle were no longer suited for the job.

A dog was needed that could withstand traveling long distances over rough terrain in hot weather and that could control cattle without barking which only served to make wild cattle wilder. The result was a dog with the herding instincts of the Collie and Kelpie, the endurance, ruggedness, and quiet style of the Dingo, and the horse sense and protectiveness of the Dalmatian, all with a distinctively patterned coat.

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As the dogs became increasingly vital to the cattle industry of Queensland, they gained the name Queensland Blue Heeler. A standard for the breed, emphasizing the Dingo characteristics, was drawn up in The Australian Cattle Dog was slow to catch on in America, however, perhaps because the breed bore little resemblance to established herding breeds.

Adoptable Heelers

When given a chance, they proved their merits and were welcomed as herders and pets. The AKC recognized the breed in Smart, hardy, independent, stubborn, tenacious, energetic, and untiring— these are all traits essential to a driver of headstrong cattle, and all traits of the Australian Cattle Dog. Given challenging mental and hard physical exercise daily, this breed is among the most responsive and obedient of dogs. The Cattle Dog tends to nip at heels of running children, but is good with older children.

The Australian Cattle Dog is active and tireless. A good jog or long workout, coupled with obedience lessons or other intellectual challenges, is essential every day; a bored ACD can be destructive. They are happiest when they have a job to perform, and especially when that job is herding. This breed is unsuited for apartment life. The coat needs brushing or combing weekly to remove dead hairs. Learn how the smartest dog breeds are ranked, and what goes into determining canine intelligence.

Considering a medium sized dog? Learn whether a medium-sized dog is right for you. Close Main Navigation Menu. Sign Up Log In. Hide Saved searches. Set an alert for Australian Cattle Dogs. Form and Function The Australian Cattle Dog is of moderate build, enabling this breed to combine great endurance with bursts of speed and extreme agility necessary in herding cattle.

Energy Level 5 out of 5. Exercise Requirements 5 out of 5. Playfulness 4 out of 5. Affection Level 4 out of 5. Friendliness To Dogs 3 out of 5. Friendliness To Other Pets 2 out of 5.

Friendliness To Strangers 2 out of 5. Watchfulness 4 out of 5. Ease of Training 5 out of 5. Grooming Requirements 2 out of 5.Stud service available upon approval.

You probably won't find Robeline on many maps, but it's near the historic city of Natchitoches. We're a short drive from beautiful Toledo Bend, about an hour south of Shreveport, and an hour north of Alexandria. At Ammons Cowdogs, the breeding goals are simple: health, quality, conformation and temperament without compromise. There is no greater reward than a happy customer! And this is what keeps our business going. Knowing that one of our pups has brought joy into someone's life, whether it be a child or an adult, that's what it's all about.

blue heeler rescue louisiana

Puppies are raised with lots of love and socialization from the moment they are born. Most will go to new homes having at least started on potty training. Babies come health guaranteed and current on shots and wormings. New owners will receive, along with their registration papers, a health record showing what vaccinations their pup has had, and what they'll need next and when.

Additionally, they will receive a copy of their puppy's pedigree, and other valuable information. We are proud to use and recommend NuVet Canine Vitamins.

We also offer micro chips. We have routine inspections from the American Kennel Club and have been found to be in full compliance each and every time. Safe shipping is available. We use Continental, Delta and United Airlines. This includes the flight, pet taxi, vet exam, health certificate, etc. We accept money orders, cash, credit cards and Paypal. We invite you to visit our website often, as we always have new and exciting things taking place.

We don't believe you'll find a better experience than when you receive your special puppy from Ammons Cowdogs.


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