If your just getting into diving, the first piece of equipment you should buy is the best scuba mask you can afford. I can tell you from personal experience that being 60 feet down and having your masking leaking makes for a BAD dive!

For more of my top scuba gear recommendations, have a look through these popular Outside Pursuits guide links: Dive ComputersScuba FinsDive Knives. Our reviews of the top rated scuba diving masks with our comparison table and buying guide will help you choose the right dive mask.

The Cressi Big Eyes is well named because of its superior visibility. The tear drop shaped lens allow more light in and the tempered glass lenses are crystal clear. The lens of the mask is inclined relative to your face.

This allows the lens to sit closer to your face and gives you a excellent lower field of view allowing you to see your gauges and of course sealife.

The design of the skirt has been designed to fit your face and provide a seal to keep the water out. Even after an extended dive or several dives, the mask remains comfortable and there is not ring around your face.

The buckle systems has been well thought out and designed. The buckle is attached directly to the skirt providing a solid fit because to the stress is brought farther back instead of pulling the whole mask back, it just pulls the skirt to your face giving you a better fit. The buckle is designed with a full range of motion and is easy to adjust and release.

This is a frameless mask with a low volume making it easy to equalize and fold flat so you can carry a spare and for easy packing.

Best Scuba Diving Masks 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

The Big Eyes Evolution is an inexpensive scuba mask and highly recommended. This may be the best scuba mask for beginners. If you are looking for the best fitting and most comfortable mask, the Scubapro Solo may be it! The double sealed silcone skirt molds to almost any face providing a leak-free seal.

It feaatures a frameless, single lens design with tempered glass for a wide field of view. The lens sits close to your face for a low volume fit and easier clearing. An underated feature is the ability to easily pinch your nose to clear, some masks make this difficult but with the Solo that is not a problem.

I like that the buckles have a wide range of movement so the strap can be adjusted for perfect fit and allow for a good seal. The Solo is available in a clear and black skirt with a few bright colors and a good choice for beginner to advanced divers.

The Venom Frameless Mask is Atomics latest scuba mask that is a quality mask in every way. There really is a difference with this glass that you will immediately notice on your first dive. I had the beginnings of a beard when I first used this mask, in my opinion this is the best scuba mask for beards or mustaches. The skirt is designed with a dual layer silicon.

A thicker silicon material around the lens providing the necessary support then a thinner more flexible silicone for the seal around your face. This is a frameless design like all the masks reviewed, so the mask sits closer to your face for better visibility and easier equalization.Last updated Jan 25, Scuba Diving 0.

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Buying a scuba mask is one of the best investments you can make into your scuba gear along with a dive computer and will likely be your first. If you are considering getting into scuba diving or just need snorkeling gear, you will quickly find out what most of us have already learned.

Masks come in various shapes and sizes which can be good but it also makes it challenging to find the right one. Jump right in and view our quick list! Below that are a few things to consider when searching as well as comparison chart and a summary list detailing the best scuba masks. Our picks include various configurations and price ranges so there is something for everyone. Below are a few things to consider when searching for the best scuba mask for you.

Also, there is usually no difference in a scuba mask and a snorkeling mask as they are one in the same. You have probably already noticed that there are single lens masks, dual lens masks, and even multi-lens masks and you may be wondering if one is better than the other but that is something you have to decide.

You can expect a few differences with each. A single lens will be less obstructive to your view but it will not accommodate prescriptive lenses. A dual lens can accommodate both prescriptive and replacement lenses but some do not like the vision split between the bridge of the nose. Multi lenses my lens style of choice will have a pane on each side of the scuba mask that provides a brighter and even greater field of vision. The degree of angle will impact two things, the internal volume of the mask and most importantly, the lower field of view which is used most during dives and snorkeling.

Note: Some divers find that the really low angled masks will cause the frame to put pressure on the bridge of their nose due to the lower part of the frame being designed to sit closer to the cheekbones and out of view.

The quickest way to ruin a perfect dive is a leaky dive mask. Just about every manufacturer uses high-grade silicone which everyone agrees is the best material for comfort and seal. Some have even started marketing mask skirting with a skin-like feel which is said to improve comfort even more. The best masks will have a secondary skirt which increases the surface area that creates a watertight seal.

Another aspect often overlooked is the skirting color which is typically either black or clear. It is certainly a preference thing but I prefer clear skirting due to the increased light it lets in which is great for night dives whereas black skirting feels too closed in.

Clear skirting also allows me to detect movement in my periphery. I will note that sometimes clear skirts can allow a glare on the lens when used near the surface as a snorkel mask but I have never had an issue. The most common dive mask has a rigged frame in which all components are attached to including the lens, skirt, and strap buckles.In this post, we have done all the hard work for you and have picked the top 10 best scuba masks forso all you have to do is pick the right one for you, and go scuba diving!

This is a full face snorkel mask. It has a built in anti-fog and anti-leak that make this a go to mask for scuba diving beginnersespecially because it prevents the gag-reflex with its tubeless design. With an easy breathing dry snorkel and a foldable tube, GoPro Compatible Mount makes this an ideal choice, as it lets you the option to take HD video of your under-water experience!

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This is a new design and the tube is foldable, which makes it absolutely awesome, and probably the best scuba mask for traveling as you can put it in your carry-on as well as stow it neatly in your luggage. Ideal with the GoPro Mount and you can also easily attach your GoPro camera to the mount to record and share your underwater experience and then share it with friends and family.

It has a wide Degree Panoramic view and reality flat lens, and this integrated design enables clear viewing with a vast view. Its different than curved lenses that act more like a fisheye, these instantly make things much more distinct so far less risk of dizziness and headaches.

The flat lens offers a clear view with less distortion of reality. Another great feature is the dual Anti-Fog technology and natural breathing make this an ideal full face mask. It allows you to breath either through your mouth or nose, and has no tube to stick in the mouth and clench while underwater. The inhaling and the exhaling airflow is separate and will offer a clear view chamber that reduces leaking and fogging.

Permanent anti-fog technology allows for a completely fog free experience. As a diver myself, I know how annoying foggy lenses can be. The wide strap is easy to adjust and will prevent the mask from slipping.

Ideal for all ages, for pros as well as beginners and perfect for surface snorkelers. Ideal for recreational swimming and adults as well as youth, this is one of our favorite scuba diving masks ever. Unrestricted view and you can take in the sights without sacrificing quality.

Kids especially loved this model. Fits well even on a small sized face and head. No worry about water seepage. Get rid of that old fashioned snorkel. This model is available in 9 colors, black, white, yellow, purple, blue, clear, brown camo, green camo, and pink.

Low volume styled design offers a swivel and an easy to adjust buckle. Perfect for both hunters as well as photographers. Ideal as a back-up mask and it will readily fold and fits into the BC pocket. This is the first submersible Dry Snorkel in their Cressi collection. The mouth piece is an easy to use silicone and has flexible tubing. This offers a watertight and an anti-fog face. It also includes a waterproof phone case as well as the GoPro compatible band.

This unit offers an easy to breathe design that covers the full face. The patent will separate the inhaling and the exhaling channels. FDA approved liquid silicone rubber and soft, anti-aging materials offer a toxic free and an odorless experience.

It also boasts an auto adjust buckle. This scuba diving mask comes with a bonus — 2 free gifts include a fluorescent waterproof phone case as well as a degree rotatable wristband for the GoPro. Ideal for selfies and underwater shots.

Best Scuba Masks of 2018 – Top 10 Diving Masks of The Year

This folding mask offers full face coverage and a detachable GoPro Mount Pivot. It also offers an earplug and a degree view. Easy breath dry top and an anti-fog coating offer a perfect anti-leak experience for youth and adults.We tested 24 of the best new scuba masks for comfort, field of view and adjustability.

Here are the models we tested in our latest review:. But where this mask really excels is in its panoramic field of view, made possible by the domed windows on the sides.

It needs a good blast to clear, but nothing unreasonable considering its volume. For remarkable comfort, solid all-around performance and an eye-opening field of view, the Freedom Tri-Quest is our Testers Choice.

Bright, contrasting candy-colored frames make the X1 an eye-catching mask. It scored well for comfort, and its super-soft skirt allows it to fit a wide range of faces.

By submitting above, you agree to Scuba Diving's privacy policy. The supple silicone was also very effective at keeping water out, earning the highest score for dryness in its category. For outstanding performance and comfort at an unbeatable price, the Maxlux S is our Best Buy for single-lens masks.

The Profile Plus comes with an HD lens that blocks UV rays and reduces glare, which came in handy during our sunny day of shallow diving in crystal-clear viz. The mask features large seals that were very effective at keeping water out and, except in the case of some narrower faces, impressed testers with a comfortable, dry fit.

The easily operated quick releases allow you to quickly and securely adjust the strap. The mask is more difficult to clear than its size would suggest, a trade-off for the deeper-set seals. However, some testers found that the frame put a slight bit of pressure against the bridge of their nose.

Where this mask really shines is its smooth, secure strap adjustment. The mask earned the highest score in its category thanks to its finely tuned quick releases that made freeing the strap a cinch. The ProVantage provides a nice field of view and is easy to clear for its size.

Its crystal-clear lens provides an excellent vertical field of view. Despite the softness of the seal, a few test divers also found it leaky and had problems with water entering through the bottom of the mask. But testers whose faces fit the seal consistently picked it as one of their favorites. The Tattoo took the top score for ease of clearing and equalizing in its category, even though it also had one of the largest fields of view in the test.

In fact, it ranked highly in every category. Its 3D-contoured strap and quick-release buckles made it easy to achieve a secure fit. The Tattoo is available with two different-size skirts to accommodate a range of faces. The streamlined Steel Pro is well-suited to both scuba diving and freediving. Test divers with smaller faces found that the soft skirt kept them nice and dry. The mask strap attaches to rotating buckles, and adjustment was very secure, although some testers found it awkward to work the quick-release levers while adjusting the strap.

However, its low volume made it extremely easy to clear. The lightweight mask folds pretty compactly thanks to its frameless design and is an attractive option for a backup mask. Divers found that the elastic mask strap was able to snugly hold the mask to their face without unnecessary pressure. The frosted skirt also available in black is soft and comfortable, although those with smaller faces experienced the best fit.

Testers found the Freedom Elite to be an exceptionally comfortable mask and bone dry.Your scuba diving mask is usually the first piece of diving equipment you will buy. Scuba diving masks offer various ranges in price, with some being extremely affordable. The Mares X-VU Sunrise was first designed for the Asian market but has become a global favorite thanks to its unique features. And, it features a unique ribbed nose pocket to reduce contact and pressure around the bridge.

The X-VU Sunrise uses oversized and inverted teardrop lenses that improve lookdown vision and are easy to exchange for prescription lenses. Do you ever struggle with clearing your mask during a dive? Its strap is molded directly to the skirt which increases flexibility and reduces leaks, keeping water out.

Plus, its frameless design offers an extra wide field of vision and folds flat for easy storage. The Frameless F1 is available in a variety of solid colors, so it blocks excess light without making you feel boxed in.

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These vibrant shades are also stylish and easy to spot underwater, even in low visibility. This mask is lightweight, affordable, and features a basic design that works well in challenging conditions. Plus, it fits nearly every face. Cold water divers will appreciate an oversized nose pocket, wide and rounded skirt for an airtight seal, and bulky buckles that are easy to operate while wearing thick gloves. The Liberator Plus is compatible with prescription lenses as well as stick-on magnifiers and comes in a variety of attractive colors.

Best of all, this stylish and well rounded basic model will make a great backup mask someday when you upgrade. Divers with larger faces or facial hair might struggle to find a mask that fits well.

The XS Scuba Cortez was designed to seal around wide face shapes and over thick beards and mustaches. The Cortez features a skirt that is wide on top to form a perfect seal around the hairline and temples, but slim on the bottom to prevent leaks around the top lip. The Cressi Eyes Evolution is one of the most versatile mask options available for divers who wear prescription lenses. It features an inverted teardrop shaped lens for better lookdown vision, which is helpful for locating and reading gauges and computers underwater.

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Its double skirt is ribbed and flexible enough to fit a wide variety of face shapes, including small and narrow. And, its silicone is super soft and contoured, so it will never leave marks or rings around your eyes after a dive.

Divers with beards and mustaches may find that finding the right mask can be challenging. The TUSA Freedom Elite forms an airtight seal, even over thick facial hair, using specially blended low friction silicone. This feature helps it grip your skin firmly without leaving lines or indentations. The TUSA Freedom Elite holds more air than most models, leaving plenty of room between your face and its extra-wide single front lens. This means plenty of space for more pronounced facial features and prevents mask squeezes.

But, it will also make it a bit harder to clear water out of your mask during your dive. Women who dive often experience mask flooding and leaks around the cheeks and temples.

best scuba mask 2018

The Aqua Lung Faviola features a female-specific design to combat this issue. A narrow frame, short and flexible mask skirt, and wide easy-adjust strap help form and maintain a solid seal underwater. This model offers plenty of lookdown vision, thanks to its inverted teardrop shaped windows, and it is also prescription lens compatible. This mask is also a top pick for kids, thanks to its small size.

The Cressi Nano is one of the only models on the market that works for both sports. And, while it might not win any points for style with its basic black design, this mask is loaded with diver friendly features.

best scuba mask 2018

A narrow double feathered skirt helps this mask form a seal on even the smallest of faces while maintaining a super low air volume. This makes it comfortable, flexible, and easy to clear. Plus, the Cressi Nano offers excellent lookdown vision, and it is prescription lens compatible.And all for what? The most comprehensive objective scuba gear reviews in the industry. Below, we present the best scuba gear of — all of the Best Buy and Testers Choice winners from a year of testing.

Scroll down to see links to our complete tests for each category, including finsmasksknivesregulatorsBCscomputerswetsuits and lights. The blade has a soft interior that scoops lots of water for power and efficiency in all kicking styles.

The bungee strap was rated excellent for ease of donning and doffing. In tough competition, the Phazer was selected among the favorites of more test divers than any other fin in its category.

The Phazer was our Testers Choice for rec fins. The Recon proved to be an effective kicker in every style, taking top scores for frog kick and surface swimming.

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The beefy side rails and integrated supports built into the bottom of the foot pocket helped it earn the highest score for power in its category. It was rated excellent for donning and doffing thanks to its spring strap and large vertical finger loop. For outstanding performance and versatility, the Recon was our Testers Choice for technical fins. The rigid rails on the Propulsion S allow for good power and acceleration, while the channels running up the length of the blade keep it nice and flexy, creating a good balance between performance and ease of kicking.

The long blade performed well in all styles of kicking — including surface swimming — and for overall comfort. Providing a nice mix of all-around power and stability and a modest price, the Propulsion S was our Best Buy.

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Read our complete masks review here. The jumbo lenses might give the Scope Dual a startled-alien look, but they earned the top score for field of view.

best scuba mask 2018

The silicone strap has single-button buckles that operate flawlessly, and the Scope is also available with an elastic strap. The hypoallergenic, baby-soft skirt on this frameless mask tied the top score for comfort and was very effective at keeping water out. It earned the highest score for dryness in its category, and a number of test divers chose it as a favorite.

The Best Scuba Diving Masks of 2018

For outstanding performance and an unbeatable price, the Maxlux S was our Best Buy for single-lens masks. Holding its own against some much-pricier competition, this mask delivered solid performance and comfort at a bargain price. The boxy frame takes prescription lenses and the frame-mounted buckles scored very well for ease and security of adjustments.

The effective, streamlined skirt keeps the internal volume small, making it easy to clear and equalize. The Breeze was our Best Buy. Where the mask really excels is its panoramic field of view, made possible by the domed windows on the sides. For remarkable comfort, solid all-around performance and an eye-opening field of view, it was our Testers Choice. Read our complete knives review here.

The squeeze-lock sheath was rated very secure and easy to operate. Eager to cut and impervious to corrosion, the Big Squeeze Titanium was our Testers Choice for full-size knives.

It even cut through eight lines at once. The grip is good barehanded or gloved, and comes apart for cleaning.A comfortable mask with proper fit is an essential piece of scuba gear — it will make any good dive even better. Our scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best scuba diving mask to fit your diving style.

Here is our guide to the newest scuba diving masks. This new high-end model from Aqua Lung boasts an updated ergonomic skirt design made of ultra-soft silicone to maximize fit and comfort for a wide variety of faces. New buckles offer one-button adjustment and are mounted directly to the skirt, to allow easy fine tuning. The Reveal comes in single- and double-lens styles and 11 color combinations. Try this mask on by visiting your local Aqua Lung Dealer.

With a proprietary UltraClear Schott Superwite glass lens that lets in 96 percent of ambient light, the Venom Frameless will suit divers who want the ultimate view underwater. The high-end mask features a soft, double-layer silicone skirt for superior comfort and sealing, as well as frame-mounted buckles that make fine-tuning a great fit easy.

The new dual-lens Calibro combines a very low internal volume with an easy-adjust buckle system. The mask incorporates what Cressi calls the Fog Stop System - a patented inner nose pocket that not only makes clearing easy, it traps moisture from the diver's nose and directs it away from the lenses, resulting in less fogging.

The Liberty's three-lens design provides a wide-open panoramic view for an unobstructed field of vision. The buckles have flexible attachments that allow them to pivot freely, and micro-adjustments for maximum comfort, eliminating that too-loose or too-tight strap. The mask's lenses are made of tempered glass for safety and durability. The mask's soft silicon skirt is contoured for comfort, and its dual seals provide a reliable barrier to keep water out. It features a single lens made of high-clarity tempered glass with the option for a clip-on corrective lens in plus or minus magnification pictured.

best scuba mask 2018

Color options include indigo blue, hot pink and carbon black. Designed for freediving, the frameless twin lens Atum offers a sleek and stealthy look. The hypo-allergenic liquid-silicone skirt molds to the face for maximum comfort and to keep water out. Low-volume design makes easy work of equalizing. Buckles attach to the mask skirt to enhance fit.

This frameless single-lens mask provides comfort and a watertight fit for divers with smaller faces. The silicone skirt is soft and supple, and the nose pocket is easy to grab hold of when it comes time to equalize. Available with clear or black skirts, and in an all-blue version. Similar in design to the Juno, the Jupiter frameless single-lens mask offers a full-sized skirt to comfortably fit larger divers. The skirt's soft silicone creates a leak-free seal against the face for extended dives.

The large lens offers an expansive field of view. Pivoting buckles optimize comfort and fit. The compact Sealhouette twin-lens mask is designed to sit close to the eyes to greatly increase field of view while minimizing internal volume. The bi-silicone skirt molds comfortably to the face while providing a watertight seal. The mask includes an X-shaped strap and buckles that mount on the skirt.

This new low-volume, dual-lens mask is ideal for divers who use optical lenses. Featuring an innovative lens-change system, the Zoom EVO allows you to switch lenses yourself, without tools, in less than a minute. Available in colors to match other Scubapro gear. Optical lenses sold separately. The Italica is made in Italy from high-quality silicone arranged strategically in different thicknesses and mated to a tough polycarbonate frame to ensure comfort and durability.


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